ALL midwifery services are fully funded by your B.C. Medical Plan. Midwives are now part of core medical service in B.C.

Prenatal Care

The Birth Tides Clinic recommends early booking. No referral is necessary. Your first visit may be an information session only, with no obligation to stay. Our clinic welcomes your spouse, partner, siblings, grandmothers, and friends. Siblings may have hands-on involvement. Prenatal appointments last 30-60 minutes depending on where you are in the pregnancy. This allows time to develop a relationship with your midwife and make informed choices that reflect your own physical, cultural, spiritual, and emotional needs. Prenatal appointments are booked every month until about 28 weeks gestation and then every 2-3 weeks until the last month of pregnancy when appointments are booked weekly.

Labour and Delivery

Throughout active labour, you will receive sensitive, one-on-one care. The Birth Tides midwives have privileges at St. Joseph’s Hospital and manage births there on their own responsibility. Healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies may choose to deliver at home, an option supported and funded by B.C.’s health care system. Some women choose to have water births. Some women prefer to labour at home in our care and then move off to hospital for the delivery. Natural therapies and a supportive non-interventive approach help women to give birth gently and with as little intervention as possible. Pain meds can be readily accessed if needed or requested. Midwives welcome doulas, family, or other labour support.


The Birth Tides midwives are specialists in normal labour and delivery and are part of a health care team at the hospital. As such, they consult and sometimes transfer care if complications arise, according to guidelines of the College of Midwives. Should this be necessary, the midwives remain involved in a supportive role.


After delivery, you may choose to remain in hospital or have an early discharge 3-6 hours later. The midwives stay with you for 2 hours after the birth and visit 3-4 times during the first week, providing house calls and free lactation consultation, with additional follow-up at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks postpartum.