Birth Tides Now Offering Group Prenatal Care


The Birth Tides Clinic and Comox Valley Midwifery are excited to announce a
pilot project offering prenatal and postpartum care delivered in a group
setting. These sessions are loosely based on the very successful and well
received model of care called “Centering Pregnancy”.

The midwives wish to thank the Success by 6 Program and the Perinatal
Advisory Committee for their recent approval of funding to assist in the
development and launch of what is hoped to be an on-going program.

This model of group care will encourage the women and their chosen support
person/partner to take an active role in their own care while building
friendships and communications with other families and accessing community
resources. Other benefits for the participants in group perinatal care include
empowerment in the birth experience, higher rates of successful breastfeeding,
better access to community resources, and educational opportunities that may
normally not be accessible to pregnant women.

The program will be bringing in guest speakers and creating activities relevant
to the group’s needs as they move through the pregnancy, delivery, and into
their postpartum care.

This model of care is currently being offered in
Campbell River, and in several communities in the lower mainland. These
communities have had great success with well-attended sessions.  The families who have accessed this type of
care have been appreciative, and feel they have benefited from a fun,
stimulating, and interesting prenatal experience.


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