Beth Ebers

Beth Ebers
RM, MH, McAc
Master Herbalist and Certified in Acupuncture for Midwifery care

  • Beth Ebers Registered Midwife

I have been attending births for over 20 years. Early on, I learned the importance of approaching a baby’s first moments on earth with gentleness and reverence. I practice midwifery from my heart, with the passion that drew me to it initially, and continue to be inspired by the families I work with. I have a fundamental love of people, and deeply enjoy being by their sides as they go through the physical, emotional and spiritual transformations inherent in childbearing.

One of the things I love about this work is simply connecting with you and building a relationship based on trust and support; sharing stories and information, exploring care options and witnessing you create your identity as a family. Throughout this process I support your intuitive abilities as a parent while simultaneously offering you the knowledge, skills and experience I have gained in my years as a practicing midwife.

I trained in both the USA (Maternindad La Luz) and Canada (Ryerson University). I have practiced in many settings including working as Clinical Co-Director of a high volume birth centre on the USA-Mexico border, a homebirth practice in Yukon, an urban clinic serving immigrant families (Diversity Midwives in Ontario), an East Vancouver practice which included outreach to indigenous families (Pomegranate Midwives), and a rural practice in Squamish (Roots Community Midwives). My family and I are so happy to be in the valley now, and I love working with the amazing team at Comox Valley Midwives.

I am committed to providing responsive, personalized, culturally sensitive care that promotes your and your baby’s health. I have a special interest in viewing pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood as potentially healing experiences. My counselling approach is trauma informed, and for those who are interested, I incorporate into your care my practices in the healing arts (I hold a Master Herbalist certification, and am certified in performing Acupuncture during labour and the immediate postpartum).

When I am not midwifing I enjoy mothering my beautiful daughter, fishing the coastal waters with my partner, and working with plants.

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