Liz Grose

Liz Grose
Registered Midwife

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I first became interested in pregnancy, birth, and babies at the tender age of five. My mom, a pediatric nurse, had plenty of obstetrical textbooks that I quickly acquired as my own. I was fascinated with the pictures of the pregnant women and their babies.

While I was doing my first degree at Guelph University (BaSc: Family and Social Relations), I heard about the Midwifery university program and instantly knew that this was the path that I wanted to pursue. In 2001 I went to El Paso, Texas, to intern at a high volume birth centre on the border of Mexico. This experience further fuelled my passion to become a midwife.

After attending over 100 births I moved from El Paso to Vancouver to attend the inaugural year of the UBC Midwifery Program.

My greatest accomplishment took place in August 2012 with the birth of my daughter, Maeva. I look forward to caring for you and your family on this amazing journey.

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