About Our Logo & Name

Our Practice Name

Our official practice name is Comox Valley Midwifery. The Comox Valley is our home community. We have been providing services to families in the Valley for over thirty years.

Our Clinic Name

The Birth Tides Clinic was given its name to represent the beautiful coastal area we live in. As well it represents the turning of the tides to a midwifery model of care that is empowering and personalized. “Tides” is also another word for news or tidings– as in the birth of a new baby in the community.

Our Logo

A Nautilus shell and the text Birth TidesThe Chambered Nautilus shell is the symbol and logo of our midwifery practice. Since the time of the ancient Greeks, the Nautilus shell with its beautifully proportioned spiral has symbolized the sacred feminine, the inner beauty of nature, and the unfolding of life’s mysteries. It is a perfect example of the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Mean, a geometric blueprint for life itself and a universal pattern found in all biological life forms, including our DNA.

Due to its growth pattern, the Nautilus has come to represent expansion, constant renewal and the never- ending spiral of life. As the Nautilus grows and moves into increasingly larger chambers throughout its life, forming its characteristic spiral, the previous chamber is sealed off. Although the older chambers are no longer inhabited and the Nautilus has moved on to a different stage of its life, the earlier chambers remain vital to the structure, strength and buoyancy of the Nautilus. By its own evolution, the Nautilus demonstrates that the beginnings of our lives are an important foundation and support for the rest of our growth and development.

The Nautilus shell whose expanding spiral is often likened to a pregnant belly, has many links to pregnancy, birth, the sacred feminine, and life cycle. We are pleased to have this beautiful symbol as our practice logo.